Thursday, May 2, 2013

Image rotate

This is an image rotation program. You can rotate the image in clockwise or counterclockwise direction. You will need to use Graphics2D class to rotate the image.

ImageRotate source code:

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.event.*;
import java.awt.image.*;

class Rotation extends Canvas implements ImageObserver{
            Image img;
            double radian=0.0;
            Dimension ds;


1                      img=getToolkit().getImage("image03.jpg");
2                      ds=getToolkit().getScreenSize();
3          public void paint(Graphics g){

            public void rotateImage(Graphics g){
4                      Graphics2D g2d=(Graphics2D)g;
5                      int iw=img.getWidth(this);
6                      int ih=img.getHeight(this);
7                      int mX=(int)ds.getWidth()/2;
8                      int mY=(int)ds.getHeight()/2;                     
9                      g2d.translate(mX,mY);
10                    g2d.rotate(radian);
11                    g2d.drawImage(img,-img.getWidth(this)/2,-img.getHeight(this)/2,iw,ih,this);
12        public void rotateClockwise(){
13        public void rotateCounterClockwise(){


14 class  Main extends JFrame implements ActionListener{
            JButton btrotateClockwise;
            JButton btrotateCounterClockwise;
            JPanel panel;
            Rotation r;
            ImageIcon clockwiseIcon;
            ImageIcon counterclockwiseIcon;

                        r=new Rotation();                            
                        setTitle("Image Rotate Program");
                        clockwiseIcon=new ImageIcon("dir1.png");
                        btrotateClockwise=new JButton("",clockwiseIcon);
                        counterclockwiseIcon=new ImageIcon("dir2.png");
                        btrotateCounterClockwise=new JButton("",counterclockwiseIcon);
                        panel=new JPanel();
                        panel.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

                        add(r,BorderLayout.CENTER );                
                        add(panel, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

                        setExtendedState(this.getExtendedState() | this.MAXIMIZED_BOTH);

15        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
                                    else if(e.getSource()==btrotateCounterClockwise)


public class ImageRotate{
            public static void main(String args[]){
                        new Main();


Code Explanation:

1 Use the getImage(String filename) method to create an image object from the image03.jpg file. You may change the file name to your own image file. The image file has to be placed in the current project folder (where you exists).

2 Get the dimension (width and height) of the computer screen so you are able to place the image around the center of the screen.

3 The paint method of the Canvas class is where the drawing begins. It invokes the rotateImage method to draw the image at the specified location when the program opens.

4 Convert the Graphics to Graphics2D. The Graphics2D allows you to move coordinate, rotate, or scale image object.

5 Get the width of the image. The this keyword is used to refer to the ImageObserver. The ImageObserver interface controls the image loading.

6 Get the height of the image.

7 Get the width of the computer screen. The width is divided by 2 to define the x-axis (mX) at the center of the screen.

8 Get the height of the computer screen. The width is divided by 2 to define the y-axis (mY) at the center of the screen.

9 The translate(x,y) method is used to move the original coordinate (0,0) to the coordinate (x,y) at the center of the screen.

10 Rotate the image based on the specified radian value. When the image first loads, we do not want to rotate it so the radian value is 0.0. The radian value changes when the clockwise or counterclockwise button is clicked.

11 Display the image at the coordinate (0,0) in the new drawing area (after moving).

12 The rotateClockwise method is invoked when the clockwise button (btrotateClockwise) is clicked. Every time this button is clicked the radian value increases by half of Math.PI value (3.14).

13 The rotateCounterClockwise method is invoked when the clockwise button (btrotateCounterClockwise) is clicked. Every time this button is clicked the radian value decreases by the same amount as the clockwise button click.

14 The Main class is implemented to load the main interface of the image rotate program. In this program, the interface is divided in to two main areas. One (at the center) is for displaying the image so at the center the Rotation object r is placed in. Another one (at the bottom)  to display the clockwise and counterclockwise buttons. These buttons are grouped in the Jpanel.

15 The actionPerformed method of the ActionListener interface is rewritten to enable the actions of the clockwise and counterclockwise buttons.


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