Thursday, July 18, 2013

Word to Pdf Converter

WordToPdfConverter program allows you to convert one or many microsoft word (2007+) files to PDF files. The program extracts text, images and information about font colors, sizes and styles used in the word files. Then these things are placed in PDF files when they are generated.

The main APIs used in this program are Apache POI and iText. Apache API is used to extract information from a microsoft word file while iText is used to create a PDF file.

This is original Microsoft word file:

Word file

This is Generated pdf file from the original microsoft word file:

Pdf file generated by the WordToPdf converter program

WordToPdfConverter source code:

import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;
import javax.swing.JFileChooser;
import javax.swing.filechooser.FileNameExtensionFilter;
import org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel.XWPFDocument;
import org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel.XWPFParagraph;
import org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel.XWPFPicture;
import org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel.XWPFPictureData;
import org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel.XWPFRun;
import com.itextpdf.text.Chunk;
import com.itextpdf.text.BaseColor;
import com.itextpdf.text.Document;
import com.itextpdf.text.Font;
import com.itextpdf.text.FontFactory;
import com.itextpdf.text.Image;
import com.itextpdf.text.pdf.PdfWriter;
import com.itextpdf.text.PageSize;

public class WordToPdfConverter{
public static void main(String[] args){
public static void selectFiles(){
JFileChooser chooser = new JFileChooser();
FileNameExtensionFilter filter = new FileNameExtensionFilter("Microsoft Word 2007+", "docx");
int returnVal = chooser.showOpenDialog(null);
if(returnVal == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) {
File[] Files=chooser.getSelectedFiles();
System.out.println("Please wait...");
        for( int i=0;i<Files.length;i++){    
        String wordfile=Files[i].toString();        
System.out.println("Conversion complete");
public static void convertWordToPdf(String src, String desc){
//create file inputstream object to read data from file
FileInputStream fs=new FileInputStream(src);
//create document object to wrap the file inputstream object
XWPFDocument doc=new XWPFDocument(fs);
//72 units=1 inch
Document pdfdoc=new Document(PageSize.A4,72,72,72,72);
//create a pdf writer object to write text to mypdf.pdf file
PdfWriter pwriter=PdfWriter.getInstance(pdfdoc, new FileOutputStream(desc));
//specify the vertical space between the lines of text
//get all paragraphs from word docx
List<XWPFParagraph> plist=doc.getParagraphs();

//open pdf document for writing;
for (int i = 0; i < plist.size(); i++) {
//read through the list of paragraphs
XWPFParagraph pa = plist.get(i);
//get all run objects from each paragraph
    List<XWPFRun> runs = pa.getRuns();
    //read through the run objects
    for (int j = 0; j < runs.size(); j++) {  
    XWPFRun run=runs.get(j);
    //get pictures from the run and add them to the pdf document
    List<XWPFPicture> piclist=run.getEmbeddedPictures();
    //traverse through the list and write each image to a file
    Iterator<XWPFPicture> iterator=piclist.iterator();
    XWPFPictureData picdata=pic.getPictureData();
    byte[] bytepic=picdata.getData();
    Image imag=Image.getInstance(bytepic);
    //get color code
    int color=getCode(run.getColor());
    //construct font object
    Font f=null;
    if(run.isBold() && run.isItalic())
    f=FontFactory.getFont(FontFactory.TIMES_ROMAN,run.getFontSize(),Font.BOLDITALIC, new BaseColor(color));
      else if(run.isBold())
    f=FontFactory.getFont(FontFactory.TIMES_ROMAN,run.getFontSize(),Font.BOLD, new BaseColor(color));
    else if(run.isItalic())
    f=FontFactory.getFont(FontFactory.TIMES_ROMAN,run.getFontSize(),Font.ITALIC, new BaseColor(color));
    else if(run.isStrike())
    f=FontFactory.getFont(FontFactory.TIMES_ROMAN,run.getFontSize(),Font.STRIKETHRU, new BaseColor(color));
    f=FontFactory.getFont(FontFactory.TIMES_ROMAN,run.getFontSize(),Font.NORMAL, new BaseColor(color));
    //construct unicode string
    String text=run.getText(-1);
    byte[] bs;
    if (text!=null){
    String str=new String(bs,"UTF-8");
    //add string to the pdf document
    Chunk chObj1=new Chunk(str,f);
    //output new line
    pdfdoc.add(new Chunk(Chunk.NEWLINE));
    //close pdf document
}catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();}
public static int getCode(String code){
int colorCode;
return colorCode;


In the code above, the XWPFDocument (in POI library) is used to construct a Microsoft Word file. The object of this class accept the FileInputStream as its argument. The FileInputStream class is used to read the Microsoft Word file. When you have document that contains all data of the original Microsoft Word file, you can get the paragraph objects inside the document by using the getParagraphs() method. This method returns all paragraphs found in the original Microsoft Word file. In each paragraph object, there are many smaller items called run objects. From each run object you can extract text, image, and formatting styles that are applied to the text when the Microsoft Word file is written.
Once you have the text, images, and formatting styles data, you can write them to the destination pdf file by using classes and methods from the iText library.


  1. Hi Dara,

    I have copied this source and trying to run. The input file is a docx file (2003 doc file is saved as 2007 docx by ms office). This docx contains 2 images. But after generating the pdf file it comes as blank. Could you please guide me for this issue. Thanks

    1. I converted a 2003 doc file that contains images to 2007 docx file and ran the program to convert the docx file to pdf file. It worked good. All images and font styles are preserved. Please make sure that the images in the doc file are pictures (Insert->Picture). They should not shapes, ClipArt, or SmartArt.

  2. Do you try to convert ms word document with khmer unicode to pdf? does it work?

  3. Today there is no free api in Java that is able to do conversion from khmer unicode word to pdf. I will try to do it later.

  4. I use Aspose.Words for Java for converting my word file to many formats including pdf and also to create word files. I am very satisfied with this API they keep updating this Library and provide new codes for developers which they can use in their APIs. You should also try it:

  5. Hi tried this word to pdf convertion.i got pdf.but the problem is tables which are in document are not came to generating pdf.some images also showing different sizes plz help for this ..........and give the solution ASAP

    1. Yea, i too observed that tables in doc are missing in PDF

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  7. Thank you for sharing this. I know Microsoft Office has its own plug-in for saving Word and Excel as PDF files. But if anyone need to convert Word to PDF on other applications, a third-party converter is necessary. I use a converter, which support Word, Excel and Tiff to PDF, tiff, word and convert Word to PDF, I think it's also a good tool.

  8. I'm not a developer, i always use this free online pdf to word converter to convert pdf to word online.

  9. I have tables in my word doc. But this code is not writing the tables into pdf. How do I achieve this?

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  11. What all jar files do we need to add in order to Run the program??

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